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Dear Travellers Namaste,


     path of Dream Trek Adventure Pvt. Ltd.  is the driffrent kind of trekking company in Nepal because this company run by professinal guide i have start this line from 1996 and i spend my more then 20 years on doing guide with any kind of people from all countrys then i wold like to run some my won business my self so in my life just have dream about i run best trekking company my self then i give realy driffrent kind of survice for my all clalinc then when i was spend my more 20 years work as guide every time have driming about fuchture to run this then yes this is right time to run it. yes it is my dream from long long time so i can use my company name is Path of dream trek adventure with i have get promison from Goverment cretificate and this registration no- 134873 pan no- 602499518 then i start my won business...!

   Yes we offer coultuer village mountion remot area himayala trek on all reagion of Nepal like Annapurna reagion Everest reagion Dhaulagiri reagoin langtang reagion Mustang, Dolpa, Manasulu trek from one day to three weeks at any season with beautiful himayala view and all kind of lokal caulture program and lokal life....! beside of this i offer many other survice you can book other ativity like Paragaliding, Rafting, Bunjee jump, Cayaking, Zipflay, Altralight fly, chitawan two night three days package and yes if you want also we can book your air and bus ticket from pokhara to kathmandu, lumbini, chitawan and india Deli.

   Path of dream teem are exprience honest professinal sefty and friendly because of we can spend more then 20 years with many kind of tourist we can meet many paople then we have chance to learn many things about trekking coultuer wild life and others things and yes our giude are realy help full because they work long long time with tourist they have realy good knowladge and also all have get licenced from goverment so we can explane about Nepal politics culture so you guise have chance to learn many new things about Nepal and Nepali life..!

   Anyway please hope i have chance to give you my survice and help you any kind of ativity for Nepal and yes hope you guise can help me to grow up my businss because of i must need help from all of you and also i have to learn more things from you guise about it...!!

Name- Resham Bahadur Nepali

Company- Path Of Dream Trek Adventure

Licnce Number- 661                                                                                                 

Ragisterd Number- 433

Business- Trekking Travel 

Role- Owner Managing Directior Trek & Travel

Phone- +977-061460729

E-mail- pathofdreamtrek11@gmail.com