Panauti home stay

Panauti home stay


If you are looking for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and want to explore historical and cultural aspects of Nepal, a trip to Panauti is the perfect getaway.

Just 36 kilometers away from the capital city, Kathmandu, Panauti is a beautiful historic town with an ancient atmosphere. 

Get close to the authentic lifestyle of the Nepali people, socialize with the villagers of Panauti and breathe the fresh air of the lush Panauti Valley.

Empowering Women

Panauti Community Homestay welcomes visitors into fifteen local homes, all run by women according to the motto “Run by Women for Women’s Empowerment”.

In 2013, fifteen women from Panauti became involved in this initiative as a way of raising their status and income through tourism. Like in other parts of Nepal, the role of women here is often relegated to that of just a housewife, with few outside opportunities. To challenge this notion, the women of Panauti collectively opened their houses to travelers from all around the world. With the help of Royal Mountain Travel, they initiated the homestay programme so they could interact with guests, improve their English and find sustainable income through tourism.

At present, local women are successfully running the homestay projects, while their husbands and children also lend a hand. Since 2013, the number of households in Panauti offering homestays has risen to seventeen.

How your visit helps our community

The Community Homestay has allowed the local women of Panauti to take on greater responsibilities in their homes and communities. It has given them confidence as they take care of and guide their guests around their town.

After being provided English classes through the homestay programme, the women can now speak English with guests, an achievement that some of them had never thought possible. Moreover, they are earning a living for themselves and their families. The homestay programme has helped with social and economic growth and helped women play a stronger role in the community.

The environmental impacts of the homestay are impressive. Most families have already installed solar panels in their houses. They have become more conscious about sanitation and hygiene, as well as waste management, by organizing waste management programmes every month. This has inspired other families in the community, too.

Since it started, Panauti Community Homestay has served more than 1600 guests. A percentage of profits have been invested in education and scholarships for the children of Panauti.

What to Expect?

As you will be staying in a local home, it’s important to know that your stay won’t be like that in a hotel. Facilities are basic but comfortable, and you’ll be living the same way the homestay families do. This is the magic of the homestay experience! Remember you are in the homestay for an authentic Nepali experience, not for luxury and comfort.

You will taste local foods, too. Our homestays offer only Nepali foods, but your hosts will be happy to adhere to any dietary requirements (vegetarian/vegan etc.)

The homestay promises you many unique stories and memories. You’ll always remember wearing traditional Nepali dress, cooking and eating local recipes, and laughing with your host family. You may even get the chance to plant rice in the field with your host family, collect fruit and vegetables from their garden, or learn Nepali words. In the community homestays you are treated more than just a guest: you become the part of the family

Itinerary 2: Community Hike

Day 1- Private transfer from Kathmandu to Sanga, Community Hike via Chamkharka village to Panauti, Overnight in Panauti Community Homestay (Room, lunch & dinner)

Day 2- Excursion to Panauti, local activities, overnight in homestay (room, breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Day 3- Departure onwards (breakfast)


Based on 1 Pax: $170

- Based on 2 Pax: $220


- Private transport from Kathmandu to Sanga

- Two nights’ accommodation

- One day hiking

- Private transportation from Panauti to Kathmandu


- Personal expenses

- Entrance

- Tips for Guide

Itinerary 3: One Day Community Hike

- Pick up at KTM hotel & Drive to Sanga

- Hike to Panauti via Cham Kharka Village

- Lunch with local people of Panauti & Drive back to KTM

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