Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Tour

Yes please i have write some about bhutan tour and also how it is? bhutan is beautiful village of paro encapsulates within it self a rich culture, beauty and hundreds legends. and yes it is home to many temple and monasteries national museum and countrys. yes there is only airport mount chomolhari (7.314m) reigns in whit glory at the northern end of the valley and it is glacial water plunge through deep gorges to from pa chhu paro river it is realy amezing things. and yes paro also is one of the most fertile valleys in the kingdom producing a bulk of the locally famous red rice from it is terraced fields. yes the flight to paro is considered one of the most spectacular flight experiences in the world. while flyng in and out of bhutan. one can see mt everest kanchenjunga, makalu and other higer picks such as jumalhari jichu, drakey and tsrim gang. you will be recived by representativ of best bhutan travel.. so please if you need more about bhatan feel back to thanks

Day 1 Arrival paro thimphu

Day 2 Thimphu to sightseeing

Day 3 Thimhuu to punakha

Day 4 Punakha to sightseeing

Day 5 Punkha to paro

Day 6 Paro hike to taktshang tiger nest

Day 7 Departure paro


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