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Parsa National Park

Parsa National Park is a safeguarded region in the Inner Terai swamps of south-focal Nepal. It covers an area of 627.39 km² in the Parsa, Makwanpur and Bara locale and reaches in height from 435 m to 950 m in the Siwalik Hills. It was laid out as a natural life save in 1984. A bufferzone pronounced in 2005 includes 285.3 km². In 2015, the safeguarded region has been reached out by 128 km². Beginning around 2017, it has the situation with a National Park. In the north of the safeguarded region the Rapti River and Siwalik Hills structure a characteristic limit to human settlements. In the east it reaches out up to the Hetauda – Birgunj thruway. In the south, a timberland streets separates the limit. Neighboring the west is Chitawan National Park. Along with the Indian Tiger Reserve Valmiki National Park, the reasonable safeguarded area of 2,075 km² addresses the Tiger Conservation Unit Chitwan-Parsa-Valmiki, which covers a 3,549 km² square of alluvial meadows and subtropical wet deciduous backwoods. Prior to being changed over completely to a safeguarded region, the district used to be a hunting ground of the decision class.


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