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Upper Dolpa Trek

Upper Dolpa Trekking is the journeying in western Nepal and it is very unique. This part is less evolved and less offices are accessible for sightseers yet consistently it is offering a greater number of offices than previously. Access is additionally very more earnestly region like Dolpa, Humla, and Jumla.

This journeying requests serious investigation and intrigued travelers should be ready for certain deferrals and different difficulties. It is likewise more costly to trip to this part. It is wealthy in therapeutic spices.

Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo region are knowns as medication slopes. In mid year individuals from various pieces of Nepal and even Tibet go to this spot to gather a bug known as Himalayan Viagra. This medication is both arrangement and bug. It is dormant in winter and comes out alive during summer. We call it Yarsa Gumba. This bug has a high business interest as the sexual tonic.

The set of experiences and human studies of this spot are very complicated and entrancing. A large part of the geographic region, presently is known as Nepal previously comprised of 46 little slope states and realms. Jumla was one of the strong Hill states around then. Since hundreds of years the western piece of Nepal including Jumla plays had a critical impact in the political and social section of Nepal.

The west of Nepal likewise held two renowned and excellent public parks: Shey Phoksundo and Rara. Individuals have lived here just for a couple hundred years and are among the world’s most elevated occupants. The town is in upper Dolpo locale (4300 meters or more). Local people actually practice the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet Bon. Additionally, Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard and David Snellgrove’s Himalayan Pilgrimage have amplified the mystery of Dolpo. The two journalists had visited the Shey Gumba toward the north of the Phoksumdo lake internal Dolpo. This is the point of most travelers. You don’t need to stress as we will take you significantly further into this secretive land.


1.Fly to Nepalgunj1500h55 by flight
2.Fly to Juphal then trek to Dunai21600h40 then 3h00
3.Dunai to Chhekpa26506h15
4.Trek to Jharana Hotel31706h30
5.Trek to Phoksundo Lake36504h00
6.Acclimatization day!
7.Trek to River Bed Camp36606h00
8.Trek to Nando – La High Camp41206h30
9.Trek to Shey Gompa via Kang – La Pass (5360)44006h00
10.Rest & explore Crystal Mountain
11.Trek to Numagung via Shey – La (5000)42006h30
12.Trek to Saldang39703h30
13.Trek to Yangtser Gompa44005h30
14.Trek to Rapa Gaon42305h00
15.Trek to Jeng – La Phedi43705h30
16.Trek to Tokyu via Jeng – La Pass (5170 m)42006h00
17.Trek to Dho Tarap39002h45
18.Rest & explore Tarap valley
19.Trek to Serkam26006h00
20.Trek to Shahar Tara21707h00
21.Trek to Dunai2160
22.Trek to Juphal25703h00
23Fly back to Kathmandu
24.Leisure day, fly to Kathmandu.

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