Lumbini tour is perhaps the most well known vacationer locations in Nepal. Arranged around 350 km southwest of Kathmandu, Lumbini is referred to worldwide as the origination of Lord Buddha. The Lumbini Tour joins visiting the different Buddhist sanctuaries and Pagodas. Additionally, it likewise incorporates visiting the genuine origin of Buddha i.e., the Mayadevi Temple. The introduction of Buddha at Lumbini has been recorded in a column engraving that has been raised there.

Lumbini tour A huge number of Buddhist travelers, just as different vacationers, visit Lumbini consistently. The sanctuaries worked by a few nations likewise draw in travelers from everywhere the world. In Lumbini visit, we travel from Pokhara. It’s anything but a two-day visit that includes passing through the slopes and investigating the spots to visit in Lumbini.

Lumbini tour We have encountered guides that be close by all through the excursion. They will make the arrangements for food and housing while likewise giving information about the sanctuaries. In addition, we offer this outing of Lumbini visit at a sensibly moderate cost.

Lumbini tour We have experienced guides that be by your side throughout the trip. They will make the provisions for food and lodging while also providing info about the temples. Moreover, we offer this trip of Lumbini tour at a reasonably affordable price.


Day 1

We begin our journey by getting on a private vehicle at 7:00 a.m. Travelling through the hills towards the south, we will also be greeted with some magnificent scenery along the way. It is about a 6-hour drive to Lumbini. We will be stopping for food on the road. After the long journey is completed, we will get to our hotel. Then, we will have our lunch and rest for a while before starting our Lumbini tour. The Lumbini site is approximately 7.68 sq. Kilometres in area. Also, it is bordered by a large monastic zone where nothing but monasteries can be built. There are several Temples constructed by various countries, including Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Korea, etc.

Furthermore, there is also a World Peace Pagoda built by the Japanese. We will also visit the ever-lasting flames of the Lumbini area. In addition, the first step of Lord Buddha is imprinted on a brick that is safely preserved inside the Mayadevi Temple. We’ll visit all these sites before dusk. Then, we’ll go back to our hotel where we have dinner and spend the night.

Day 2

As we thoroughly explored Lumbini the other day, now we only have to return. After having breakfast, we’ll get on our car for the 6-hour ride back to Pokhara. As we come back to Pokhara, our Lumbini tour comes to an end.

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